Defining Luxury

Defining Luxury

Defining Luxury

One of a kind creations. A team skilled at uncovering your unique vision and bringing it to life. Exquisite detail that results in a space that truly represents your style.

Tailored to your taste

Dining Area Living Room Naples Interior Design
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You may have heard us say, “What inspires you, inspires us.” What does that mean? More than a catchphrase or motto, it is our guiding design philosophy. It means that we see you and what makes up your singular style. The design of your home is an opportunity to express yourself. We ensure that your style, not ours, will shine in your space.

A team of experts

Most interior design firms will assign one designer with a single point of view and creative vision. With that model, it is easy for designs to be recycled and the designer’s personal style to take the lead. At Design West, you get a team of designers who combine talents to inspire and elevate one another. You will recognize the consistent quality and luxury that Design West is known for, but every design is different because every client, every home, every story is different.

Relationships by design

In addition to our team dynamics within the studio, Design West maximizes our elevated design options by maintaining long-standing relationships with a diverse group of quality, luxury vendors. Our strategy to partner directly allows us to avoid ordering through third parties, and gives you access to the latest releases, custom orders, and a greater range of looks–all to ensure that our designs are based on your style, not our vendors’.

We work differently

How can we really ensure that every design is exclusive? How many ideas can a designer really  have? It all starts with the way we work–from a proprietary discovery process to identify your personal design profile to producing high-quality renderings that bring your vision to life, our results are different because our innovative team design approach is different. From start to finish, you will know that you are in expert hands.

  • When beginning the process of a design, we start with a proprietary discovery process to identify your distinctive design profile. We work to understand your story, your style.
  • With your vision clearly defined, your design team will seek inspiration from all realms and sources. They will work together to challenge and inspire one another to gather ideas and design details.
  • The next step is to develop architectural renderings. With scaled drawings, you see exactly how your design will look and then we work out the details together. This is an excellent opportunity to walk through ideas digitally and refine your design.
  • Once a design is finalized and furniture is completed, we install and style the space to make your vision a reality.
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