Every Great Design
Begins with an Even Better Story—Yours
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Exquisite attention to detail.

Our approach is different—combining decades of experience and a well-honed process with the most talented, highly-educated designers in the business. The experience is simply unparalleled.

Inspiration from All OVER THE WORLD.

Tailoring and texture from recent fashion collections, the art world, and your favorite global destinations keep the design both timeless and au courant.

It begins and ends with your style.

When the work is truly custom, no two interiors tell the same story. We design your space as a cohesive, always-elevated expression of your aesthetic–weaving memories and experiences into something beautiful that endures.

“The epitome of what a design firm should be.”

“Stunning and innovative. The passion and care they give to each client is remarkable and unique.”

Inspiration From Design West

We’re known for a cross-functional approach that merges decades of experience with fresh perspectives. The outcome is gorgeous, highly functional, and as unique as a fingerprint.

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“Fashion wasn't meant for the runway alone.”

—Glenn Midnet, Founder/CEO

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